What is EB5?

EB-5 Investor Program:

Congress Created the EB-5 program in 1990 to stimulate the US Economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. It works by linking US businesses looking to raise capital with foreign investors who are seeking a US Visa, there by creating a “win- win” situation . This Program has also been called “Investors Immigrant Program”.


A minimum investment amount of $500,000 USD or equivalent Currency is required . These funds have to be validate, must be an accredited investor.

There are no minimum educational or English knowledge requirements for the green card under the EB-5 Program . The minimum age of primary applicant has to be 21 years, with no criminal records. Parents/Friends can gift $500,000 USD to their children for investment, too.

Advantages of EB-5 Program:

  • Direct route to a Green Card and permanent residency in the U.S. for the investor and his/her immediate family (spouse & unmarried children under age 21).
  • Access to the same high-quality healthcare as U.S. citizens.
  • Free education in the United States public school system.
  • Admission to U.S. universities at the same cost as U.S. residents
  • No requirement for age, business experience,education, or English skills.
  • No residency restrictions: participants may live,work, or retire anywhere in the United Sates.

EB-5 Process:

Investor given the Offering Documents describing the investment project

Investor signs the Offering Documents

Investor deposits $500,000into a secure escrow account and pay legal fees only. No administrative Cost.

I-526 Petition submitted to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

I-829 Petition submitted to remove conditions on investor’s Green Card

After approval of the I-829, typically within 5 years,investor is returned the $500,000 USD investment