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Live in U.S. Permanently with your family

Invest in your
family’s future

Get EB5 visa to Live and Work in the USA

$800,000 Investment

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Live in U.S. Permanently with your family

Invest in your
family’s future

Get EB5 visa to Live and Work in the USA

$800,000 Investment

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01. Subscribe

Contribute $800,000 in our EB-5 Limited Partnership

2. Invest

Our EB-5 Partnership makes a loan to a job creating project

3. Create Jobs

Developer builds and operates the project

4. Get Repaid

Developer returns the EB-5 loan to the EB-5 Partnership in 5 years

5. Wrap Up

EB-5 Partnership votes to liquidate and return the investment to investors.

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About Us

Turning Dreams Into Opportunities

Our team has solid track record for both project immigration approvals and project development execution. We focus on job-creating projects using the EB-5 Investment Program.

This allows foreign investors with a simple pathway to achieve their goals of becoming a global family by obtaining Permanent U.S. Residency, or Green Cards.

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Benefits of The EB5 Visa Program

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Quicker Path to Permanent Residency in the U.S.

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No Visa Sponsor Requirements

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No H-1B Work Visa Needed for Employment

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U.S. Citizenship After 5 Yrs of Permanent Residency

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EB5 Visa FAQ

Who is eligible for EB-5 Investor Green Card?

Foreign investor with a minimum investment amount of $800,000 USD or equivalent Currency is required. These funds have to be validated and investors must be an accredited. There are no minimum educational or English knowledge requirements for the green card under the EB-5 Program. The minimum age of primary applicant is 21, with no criminal records.

What do I need to do to invest in Shoora EB5’s project?

✔ Setup an initial consultation with Shoora EB5 to discuss your case

✔ Provide your financial information to Shoora EB5 to show you meet accredited investor requirements

✔ Request your EB-5 project offering documents and read them fully. Ask questions as needed

✔ Sign the subscription documents for the EB-5 project

✔ Transfer the capital investment

✔ Hire an immigration attorney

✔ Create a source of funds report

✔ File your I-526 petition through our immigration attorney

Where can I invest for EB-5?

Shoora EB5’s current project is Airabella Lake Oconee. Airabella Lake Oconee is a proposed, 137-acre mixed-use residential property, to be located just a stone’s throw from beautiful Lake Oconee, will add layers of experiences to the area’s everyday offerings including chef-driven restaurants, a brewery, a boutique hotel, local retail, shared green space and a nine-hole public golf course. In this pedestrian-friendly community, residents and guests can park and leave their cars. Walkways and cartways, overlooks, pocket gardens, bridges, fire pits and benches emphasize walkability and self-propelled mobility in this walkable outdoor community.

Can the EB-5 investment funds come from a Gift?

Yes, Parents/Friends can gift $800,000 USD to their children for investment too.

What is a “targeted employment area for EB-5 Investment”?

✔ The EB-5 program requires a $1,050,000 for a standard (non-TEA investment) and $800,000 for a Targeted Employment Area investment (TEA).

✔ Targeted Employment Areas can either be high-unemployment areas or rural areas. To qualify as a high-unemployment TEA, an area must have an unemployment average of at least 150% of the U.S. national unemployment rate.

✔ To qualify as a rural TEA, an area must be outside a metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and cannot be within a city with a population of more than 20,000.

✔ The job-creating entity (JCE) is required to both do its main business in the TEA and also create jobs in that area.

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