AC Hotel by Marriott Atlanta International Airport College Park,Georgia

Phase One - Marriott AC Hotel - Updated 5/29/2019

our ‘Phase One’ development of a Marriott AC Hotel has successfully raised funds for EB-5 investment and the construction will be completed by December 2019.

After Seccessful Capital Raise and ground breaking of Phase-I,Inviting Investors of EB5 Capital raise for Phase-II Sheraton

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Current Week

Work Items Completed

Work Items for Next Week

Building Exterior Skin

  • Begin stucco scratch coat
  • Caulking around windows

Building Level 1/Underground

  • Install Metal Framing
  • Install Drywall
  • MEP Rough-in
  • Fire Caulking

Building Level 2

  • Hang drywall in corridor
  • Begin drywall punch list in guestrooms
  • Fire caulking in corridor
  • Install insulation
  • Electrical room rough-in

Building Level 3

  • Install insulation
  • Hang drywall
  • Fire Caulking
  • Electrical punch list
  • Plumbing guestroom tie-ins

Building Level 4

  • Finish wood blocking
  • Framing punch list
  • Electrical wall rough-in

Building Level 5

  • Electrical wall rough-in
  • Framing punch list
  • Begin wood blocking install
  • Fire sprinkler rough-in

Building Level 6

  • Skim coat guestroom ceilings
  • Framing punch list
  • Fire sprinkler rough-in

Building Level 7

  • Install framing
  • Framing punch list
  • HVAC roof tie-in
  • Plumbing roof tie-in

Building Roof

  • Installing roofing at bump-outs
  • Set HVAC units